Turn Credit “No's” Into Easy Approvals

Are credit woes killing your lead conversation rate? Partner with us and unlock tools to help your clients – they manage their credit independently while you qualify them for loans and better interest rates.

Credit woes killing your lead conversion rate?

Equip your clients with CreditBuilderIQ! They’ll manage their credit independently, while you qualify them for loans and sweeter interest rates.

Higher Approvals = Higher Commissions

Sign up in a few clicks, and we analyze your credit information from all 3 major bureaus.

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Score-Trigger Based Alerts

Our secure platform provides credit progress sharing with triggered alerts, creating partner-client transparency and allowing you to react quickly for ready clients.

Fast-Track Approvals and Commissions

Keep track of clients via our dedicated Partner Portal and receive alerts for significant score changes while receiving commission for active members.

Empower Your Clients to Achieve Their Homeownership Goals

Equip your clients with the most comprehensive credit-building tool on the market: full three-bureau reports, personalized credit plans and insights, action items, disputing, tradeline creation, and more – all while building lasting credit health.

Score Center

Clients can see their credit scores from the three major credit bureaus and set their credit score goals. 

Track Progress

Clients can track the progress of their dispute letters and responses from the credit bureaus.

Credit Report Review

Clients can review flagged items on their credit report that can be negatively impacting their credit score.

Dispute Hub

Clients can dispute credit report inaccuracies and generate custom dispute letters to help reach their credit goals.

Partner With Us

Sign-up today to receive updates and access to CreditBuilderIQ for partners. Have any questions? Reach out to hey@creditbuilderiq.com.

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